Yoga is not just a sport. It’s a lifestyle and results can only be achieved with a regular practice. That’s why I have put together several lucrative packages, which allow your body and mind to progress gradually in their own time.  To assess which package would be the best fit, I offer a twenty-minute FREE consultation. If you are still not sure about the style of yoga or whether this type of movement suits you, try an introductory lesson, which will be later deducted from your chosen package if you are interested in continuing. When purchasing the most lucrative package of 20 lessons, you will also get a 10% discount on my workshops and online courses.

Everything below applies to online lessons. For face-to-face lessons, the price depends on several factors such as location, number of students, etc. We will choose the best package for you in person. 

If there is a cancellation less than 24 hours in advance, the client must pay the full price of the lesson. If I cancel less than 24 hours in advance I will offer another date that week. If we do not manage to schedule another date, the next lesson will be half-price.

8 000 CZK (+consultation)
15 000 CZK (+ 2 consultations)

A yoga teacher who is not afraid to explore the raw authentic yoga practice in its beauty, authenticity, and tradition.

Tested on myself, I will help you to find your own individual approach to yoga – safely, gently, with compassion.