flexibility individual Tradition

flexibility individual Tradition


The biggest advantage of the online environment is the flexibility of time and space – no commuting, no rigid schedule to follow. If you are a few minutes late or you need to change the time slot, then we can just open our laptops earlier / later that day to accommodate our schedules. 

I recommend online lessons and private lessons in general, especially to people who do not feel comfortable in the studio and among others, for example, due to potential evaluation by others or simply do not want to commute during seasonal illnesses or bad weather.

Lower cost – the price of my lessons online is ⅔ that in the studio as the cost of renting a space as well as transfer fee are eliminated. 

At home – you practice in an environment in which you feel at home – literally:) You can create the atmosphere you want, practice where you want and with what you want (your yoga mat, tools, etc.)

Virtual traveling with me –  When I am traveling, you can virtually enjoy the atmosphere of the place with me, including all the sounds (such as the sound of the sea) or an unexpected visit from various animal friends.


The advantage of practicing in a yoga studio is definitely more space and better studio equipment. At home, we cannot always create a 100 percent yoga atmosphere, including the use of yoga bolsters, blocks, straps, etc.

The indisputable advantage of private practice with a teacher in a physical space is the possibility of adjustments. I am able to help you more in the position, and perceive your breath and overall energy better when “we are live”.

I highly recommend “offline” lessons for more advanced students, especially Ashtanga practitioners. The positions for example from the intermediate series are very physically and mentally demanding and physical supervision of a teacher is often necessary. If you want to learn more advanced asanas, I strongly recommend private lessons at least in the beginning, before we jump into the online space.


Contact me and let’s arrange a short initial free consultation. We will find out what is best for you and plan the first lesson together.


Or let’s connect on social media

Or let’s connect on social media

private lessons

Private lessons (1-2 people per lesson) come closest to the traditional teaching of yoga in India, where the yogi chooses one student to whom he decides to pass on his experience. The advantages of individual lessons are the following the flexibillity, individual approach, the progress, your own practice.

The best start for beginners.

You can enjoy private lessons with me both online and offline (from October) in Prague or Pilsen.


Ashtanga is a very powerful yang practice that was primarily created for men (same as the majority of traditional yoga styles). However, this does not mean that women cannot practice it, on the contrary! Ashtanga has a huge number of benefits for us, however, it needs to be adapted to our bodies and our monthly cycle. In this course, we will cover how to make the most out of this beautiful practice in regards to our different bodies and needs. What can you expect: 

  • 2-5 women only for a personal approach
  • 10 lessons – 10 weeks: 2.1. – 12.3.2024  
  • 1 individual consultation 
  • 1 woman circle 
  • Classes will be recorded in case of absences 
  • Price: 2-3 participants – 3500, 4-5 – 3000 CZK – Deposit of 2000 CZK to be paid in advance, the rest to be paid after the first class via bank transfer
office yoga

Do you have a demanding job and don’t have time to commute to the studio for group lessons? Want to get deeper into yoga but don’t feel up to private lessons yet? In that case, yoga in the office might be just right for you: 

  • You practice in a group of people you know well and feel comfortable with.
  • Yoga in a close group can motivate you more and will therefore be more fun.
  • A work day “interrupted” by yoga will be much more efficient and your body and mind will thank you for getting up from your chair for an hour;)
  • Every yoga lesson can become a small team building – you will sweat together, maybe fall out of positions and learn, laugh together – a beautiful bonding experience
  • Yoga is currently one of the most popular employee benefits and your employees will surely appreciate it

Ashtanga yoga is very unique and specific in its learning style (odkaz na ashtangu). It is more physically and mentally challenging than other styles and requires a greater dose of discipline, patience, and an individual approach on the part of the teacher. The so-called “Mysore” style (named after the city of Mysore in southern India, where Ashtanga originated) is the closest to traditional student/teacher learning. Students practice together in one room (shala), but everyone practices at their own pace to the position/series they have been given by the teacher. S/he walks through the room and individually helps, adjusts, and gives new asanas when the student is ready. 

If you would like to start with Mysore, but you are afraid that you will not fit in in the beginning, you can first sign up for a couple of private classes online or at the Shala.


Little by little, the winter season is coming, everything slows down, the night gets longer and our bodies ask for more care and nutrition in all directions.

On December 8, in Pilsen, we will allow ourselves to stop, calm down the body and mind, and take care of our kidneys and bladder, which are overworked in winter. 


In the near future, I would like to plan weekend retreats in the Czech Republic and later abroad. So far those countries are on my mind: India, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Thailand