Since I was a small child, I have been fascinated by movement – the connection of our body mind, and emotions. I was dedicated to ballet and modern dance for 15 years which taught me not only the love for movement but also discipline, patience, and acceptance of my unique authentic self. Not knowing it back then, my dance career slowly and inconspicuously prepared me for my later journey toward yoga and a deeper awareness of the life around me and myself. It happened after I left my dance group and was looking for a suitable physical alternative to dancing – and I found it: a dynamic style of yoga called vinyasa which flows on the connection of breath and movement like a ballerina dancing on a yoga mat. 


In 2016 I discovered my favourite vinyasa teacher in studio Karma Yoga in Prague and since that moment, things started to move at a quick pace. Falling in love with the classes and the studio, I have decided to gain a deeper understanding of this practice and I finished my first teacher training under the supervision of the studio owner Veronika Carmanová. She was the one who offered me to visit India for the first time and practice with a traditional hatha teacher Acharya Venkatesh. After visiting India, I was not only practicing but was also allowed to teach my first classes in Karma – first as a substitute teacher and later classes of my own. Later on, everything went in a beautiful flow for me, I started teaching yoga full-time in other studios, fitness centers, office yoga, and individual classes. Over the period of 3 years, I had the opportunity to learn and fall in love with other yoga styles, mainly Ashtanga and Yin, and meet my other teachers to whom I owe not only my yoga but also my personal development. 


In 2019, my yoga journey brought me to a nomadic path. I decided to travel the world and pass on my up-to-date knowledge of asana practice, pranayama, and meditation. In two years of constant traveling, I taught for example in the vegan retreat center GLO  in the middle of nowhere in Nicaragua, I assisted in the ashtanga shala in San Jose, Costa Rica, led various classes in a yoga surf hostel in Ecuador  or mountain hotels in Laos  and Austria.


Starting this November, I am going to put my roots down again in the Czech Republic in order to reconnect with my clients outside of the online world as well. We can meet in person for example in Shala Prague during an Ashtanga practice or during an individual class. If a personal class would not suit you yet, you can join my private classes or mini-courses online.

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I’ve been doing private online classes with Kristyna for a couple of months now and I really love it. It has helped me through the difficult times and helps me focus and calm my mind. She is a great teacher, knows what she is doing and can adapt the lessons to your personal level. She is also really kind. I would definitely recommend the practice with her.
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I really love my yoga lessons with Kristyna. She is such a kind and lovely person. The lessons were super relaxing and she always personalized them depending on what I felt like. I would totally recommend working with her and joining her beautiful practice! Thank you very much!
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Thank you Kristy Vackova Yoga for your support with my Ashtanga routine. At the onset of 2020, as the world went into lockdown, Kristyna and I connected virtually over a 3 month time period. With your vast experience, you were able to guide me through the primary ashtanga yoga series via detailed feedback on the individual Asanas. Your guidance has been greatly supportive! Thank you for a complete and wonderful experience.